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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm telling ya, this cool chair ain't gonna hold me back---this mid-century baby is meant to travel, people. 
I got the bug for boogying, the jive for journeying, and the get up and go for getting up and going! Am walking at 9 months, independently visiting the neighbor in back for breakfast. 
Yep, I predict that in the 21st century, I'll be holding art workshops in other countries, seeing the world, speaking more than one language. Living the Dream!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Narrative. On paper. I am back in the game of it.
I set aside the many techniques available to the artist book maker for a while to practice, practice, practice pounding out metal books. I still love a good hammering, and always will.
All the same, for the workshops in Italy, I'm returning to my artist book roots, which means paper: folding, line-cutting, stitching and, yes, even adhesives. Old school and beautiful. The incredible Italian art paper to be found in Siena is just too wonderful.
One of my favorite formats is pictured here. It's a combo of the basic accordion book, and one of its many variations, the tunnel book. It carries a story-line so visually well, and contains the 3-D component I can't stop exploring even when I try! We will each make one of these on Day 3 of Living the Dream.
Five weeks and counting until then, March 12-14. I still have 2 spaces left. Contact me for details.