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Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Peeps Before Their Time

Have the makers of Peeps changed its formula? I only ask because they seem, well, different this year.
You may already know that I’m a fan of SPAM (all capital letters) and can wax on way too long about its history in the world food chain. But you may not know that I am also inclined to toss up an annual shout-out for Jell-O and Peeps. In fact, I fully believe that the springtime holiday menu should contain at least one dish each of Hot & Spicy SPAM garnished with pineapple and cloves, a side salad of Jell-O Surprise complete with good-for-you fiber from nuts and celery, and a dessert of properly-aged Peeps. This is probably sacrileges coming from a west-coast gal, but See’s candies are an option. Peeps are a must.
Hence my small dilemma this year.
To paraphrase from an old wine commercial, I will eat no Peep before its time. And in the past, I could always count on my Peeps being nicely dried, shrunken and chewy if I opened them to the air (be free, little Peeps, be free!) a week before I wanted to serve them. It’s already been two weeks so far and they are still just as puffy and fluffy as the day they were hatched. What gives? I fear the worst: stronger preservatives. Sigh.
Segue alert
The metal artist book in this photo was begun at my last Paris art retreat in December. Note Les Frites from MacKy-D’s? And the cut up Orangina can? Got those both on-site in Paris.
Note also the Hot & Spicy? I brought that with. Told you I was fan.
Take care. Until next week,


  1. no, noooooo not the peeps - i wish they would please stop messing with winner formulas.
    love your recipe - sounds healthy and delish. but the peeps must step up to the plate.
    so to speak

  2. I had the very same Peep problem this year!!! Try putting a few in the fridge, it'll give it the similar chewy texture we both love so much.