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Friday, March 4, 2011

I think I've finally done it!

My Face Book artist friends have been telling me for years to get off my tuckus and set up a blog. Why's it taken me so long? No clue.
Today's the day. Finally.
About the blog title: Ever heard of The Book of Days? Google it, you won't believe the hits. Get yourself past the Enya stuff and the videos and narrow your search to the Essene Book of Days. This is right up my alley: take a strong historically-referenced title, and mess with it. "Days of Books". There you have it. You'll notice that the blog template I picked contains, what else?Books. On shelves. Go figure.
I plan to be posting a lot of my own books on this blog shelf.
About the font I've chosen: I just loves me some Helvetica. It's a "sans serif" font that supposedly looks nice on-line. (Note to all you public presenters out there, it looks great in Power Point, up on a big screen, too--so easy to read).
But I digress. From me. And my blog.
Notes to self->figure out how to insert pictures. Figure out how to "share" the blog posts with my Face Book page.
So much technology, so little time.
Oh, wait. I did it. This is of me and my mermaid art car, taken last week.
O.k. That's enough for now.


  1. way to go renee. i knew you could do it. i understand the wait period....sometimes it just takes a long time to fit the idea into action phase because you are SO DAMN BUSY.
    love ya darlin'

  2. Ditto, Lisa.
    Now, let's see if you are better at keeping up with yours than I am at posting to mine!

  3. Hooray, Renee! A new day is dawning. I love to see someone recreating themselves in new ways. It is inspiring.

  4. Awesome Renee!!! Looking great! I'll link you on my blog:-)