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Saturday, March 5, 2011

This blogging thing

Since I've joined the ranks of the blogger, I thought I should at least have some idea where the word "blog" came from. LOL. I'm just like that. Yep.
Anyway, I used the ever-excellent google search-engine, which took me to the Wikepedia definition.
So, so, BORING!!
Let me save you some time...Try this, say the words "web log" 10 times really fast.
Are we having an "a-ha" moment?
About a year ago, I donated this computer tower/art piece to the Escondido Municipal Gallery in S. California.
The idea was to  raise money for its many excellent, usually FREE, programs. The piece was purchased by Victoria Huckins, an incredible artist who's on FB (so go check her out there).
Fast forward a year, and I'm donating again, one of my metal books this time. If I may share one thing that's on my bucket list with you, it would be this: to create more publicly-funded art galleries.
Art saves lives. I believe it. Support your local non-profit art gally. And if you don't have one, make one happen!

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  1. Hi Renee. Have just added you to my blog list so will be able to keep up with all your musings. Love the idea of supporting public galleries and love that you are doing it with your work. Take care
    Ali XXX