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Monday, May 9, 2011

How ‘Bout That Face Book?

Compute This One

I have a niece who is so funny when she tells a story, she could go into a five-minute rift about changing her toddler’s diaper that would leave you wishing you’d slipped on your Depends.
A little while back, when she was a professor at a local private college, she had me side-splitting over the come-to-the-table talk she gave her students regarding the appropriate use of emailing/texting one’s professor.
Examples on the “Don’t do it list” included the student who’s T-Mobile addiction had her texting updates every 30 minutes on how her assignment was going. And the one who wanted to know if Wikipedia would be an acceptable source-reference for his paper on global warming.
O.k.  I exaggerate.  But not much.
All this got me thinking about some people “Who-Shall-Be-Nameless” and their griping that they don’t like FB because there are so many hits on their walls from people who:
a.       they don’t know
b.      post trivial stuff such as how their day’s going, gonna go, or has already been--feel free to borrow that sentence for the next time you’re teaching a class in irregular English verbs
c.       want to be friends, but Who-Shall-Be-Nameless has never heard of them, and the friend-seeker already has 3,281 “friends” but no profile picture (cautionary note: don’t freakin’ accept!)
Still, there’s good stuff a-plenty on FB. Like the efficient way it processes one’s use of the DELETE button (uh, hello!!!). Or the pics of your relatives who you love. And their kids who you never see in-person but once every 5 years. And your aunt, who’s nearly 80 and posts great stuff on her/your wall.
Ah, but wait! I believe Who-Shall-Be-Nameless has experienced an epiphany! What has brought about this amazing 180? Could it be the May 8th showing of Nature’s mixed-media performance art masterpiece, the arrival of WSBN’s grand niece, Adeline Rose?!?! Why yes, I think that’s it.
Oh, so now the every 30 minute posts are of use. And the “how the project’s going” updates are awaited with breathless anticipation.  What, you say you’re trying to send Adeline a “Friend” request, and she’s not accepting? Hum. Perhaps in another 14 years…
Until next week,


  1. funny, funny renee. i really like your art here.

  2. Oh.....BIG secret on "Who Shall Remain Nameless"!!! I cop to it and add to the list people I don't know and care about HOROSCOPEs!!! But the fact that I can keep up with my sweet grandnieces Adeline, Evelyn and Charlotte do make up for it.

    But if you're playing that stupid farm game, can you remind me it's a game before I send a check for a new tractor?

    Mary Jo AKA Who Shall Remain Nameless

  3. I need the 'like' button for both your blog Renee and your reply Mary Jo!

  4. Hello, Renee!

    So glad to find your blog.
    I am your newest blog follower. :)

    Signing up to take your November 5, 2011 Metal Hinged Books workshop at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, MO!

    Mary C. Nasser