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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The World's Still Spinning

I wasn’t raptured yesterday, but I did find the week I seemed to have lost.
I try to convince myself that I’ve got a memory for upcoming dates and times that’s spot-on AWESOME. Really, who am I kidding?
Earth to Richetts: If it’s not on your Microsoft calendar, it doesn’t exist.
All last week I was counting the days until the first week of June, when my month of art, fun, more, art, more fun begins. Small detail, though, I was counting 7 days too few.  Phew.
Ya, ya…like you’ve never done this.
This is not exactly a bad thing because I’ve been so crazy-busy, then I got sick and slept for about 3 days. So the 7 days I wasn’t counting are greatly needed and appreciated.
With this “extra” time, I’ve been hanging art and making up recipes involving beer. The art’s in the image above. Hopefully it’ll be juried into the “Mine the Chatter” show that opens  June 10th in Escondido.  This piece is so long, there’s no ceiling at my house where I can hang it without it hitting the floor. Probably shoulda thought that through a little better.  
No matter, on to the beer recipe:
Take three 16 ounce glasses, fill one with the biggest-baddest-darkest ale you can get, fill one with diet coke, fill one with ice. Pour equal amounts of the badass beer and the diet coke into the glass of ice.
Drink it in good health, while enjoying Cruisin’ Grand in Escondido on Friday evenings. Be sure to have a bratwurst with it, too.

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