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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Artist Statement, Part Uno

I'm all the time coming up with "Artist Statements" that are about as boring as mud. Luckily, I mostly don't inflict them on people too often. Today's blog will eventually morph into a (hopefully) insightful Artist's Statement. But definitely not today, for reasons that will become more apparent when I post
Artist Statement, Part Dos in a couple of weeks.
For today, enjoy the images. 
The 1940's biker grrrl on the left is my mom back when she was a teen. She were snappin' in the day, yes ma'am. And that bike!?!?! We're not talkin' about a retro repeat here. That was the real thing! Wouldn't she have looked cool cycling around town wearing one of my Echo Totes? That would be a "Yes". That would be a "Hell, yes!!" Image on the right is an example: my Hippie Chips Bike Echo Tote. It went everywhere with me for a loooong time, including to Paris, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Siena and I forget where else. Held up well. Still functional in fact, though the artwork is faded some.
I'm thinking about bike totes again because of the Amgen Bike Race that commences in Escondido next month. Last time it was in Escondido, it ended there. I saw Lance Armstrong cross the finish line. This was before his doping downfall.....ahhhh, but that is for the next blog, a different image, and an actual Artist's Statement...


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