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Friday, March 29, 2013

Something Random This Way Comes...

Feeling some art musings just popping out every which way today. Here's a couple. Take 'em or leave'em. Just saying.

To all you art collectors, jurors, art makers, whoever else: Angst is over!!! Over, o.k? Enough already.
It's pretty much been over since the Simpsons did their rendition of The Scream on prime time
Y.E.S. I will concede that it had its flash of retro redux after 9/11, and that some folks still dig it.
Just not me. Like the grrrl in the altered comic, I'm OVER it.

To all you Steampunkers:
In my heart, I know that Steampunk is over, too. I know it...but then how can I explain that I’m the first to slam that Facebook “like” button whenever a friend posts
“When are they gonna bring Firefly back?”
The truth? I love everything Steampunk. Yeah. I do. 

To everybody, everywhere, even if you don't care:
My personal hero of heroes is and likely always will be, none other than that Steampunkesque Queen of the late last century, that Goddess of forever landfill treasure trovings, that extreme example of never say never,
Tank Girl!!!!
As long as there’s a desert on any planet, a water shortage somewhere, a military-industrial complex run-amok, and Rippers to save us, Tank Girl will NEVER be over. Never.
"I got just two words for you: brush your teeth."
"Now-everybody throw down your guns or I scrape off all her make-up."
     "To the Bat Tank!!!"
Tank Girl. As random as it gets. 

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