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Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Random Things I don't Like/10 Random Things I Do

"Job's Prototype Personal Mile-O-meter, Circa 1960"

Mile-o-meters are are part of my walking life these days. That's a good thing. I was thinking back to when they used to be bigger, lower tech, and very impractical. Thinking leads to art (and more thinking). Abracadabra, presto, voila: the piece above! You can see it in person this month and next at the Escondido Municipal Gallery in California.

Thinking, and a quick read of the Chicago Trib, also got me going on about stuff of the don't/do like persuasion. I first posted one of these lists waaaayyyyy back in 2009. Since then, I've moved to the Midwest from the West Coast, gotten a new position with my employer, taught art in Italy and France. I think it's time for an update.

1. The dreaded blue screen on my computer. Oh, dear.
2. When the "heat index" says it's over 100F, even if the thermometer's telling me it's only 88F.
3. My lousy hearing. Huh? What? Say again?
4. Commercials interrupting my Big Bang show (see number 8, below).
5. Corporations that buy copyrights of brilliant, society-improving products, only to squash their production in order to protect said corporation's market share. Hate that.
6. War. All of them.
7. Non-fat vanilla ice cream. Why bother? This one's still on the list. LOL.
8. Weak coffee
9. Fake sugars
10. Misplacing my glasses

1. That commercial about the woman who's looking for her glasses...which are on her head. I've done it. Too many times. Hilarious!
2. The sound of people singing.
3. Being together for over 20 years. What perspective that gives.
4. Vegan recipes. Yum.
5. A really good art day. Still on the list, and still redundant.
6. Cool summer weather.
7. 21st century info-technology: don't get between me and my iPAD mini!!
8. Netflix--finally found it.
9. Traveling with MJo
10. My geek job. LOL. Actually, I LOVE my geek job.

Well, that's about all, folks.


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