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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Meming Me Some Fun

This morning I did a "meme artist book" Google search. It's what happens when I have a "moment", combined with reading some random Facebook posts about art in America on my wall. 
I learned that some folks out there are discussing whether or not memes  meet the definition of "art". Are they the up-and-coming 21st century genre, kind of like the virtual version of 20th-century poster art? Or just an anti-true-fine-art fad that will blessedly disappear in a year or two?
So I'm thinking as a book artist (book arts being another "is it really art?" genre), well, let's see: We got us some imagery.  We got us some narrative. We got us some feelings. And best of all (from my perspective) we even got us some final-moment style, badda-boom, endings.
Sounds like art to me.
Again I'm with the random reading of posts on my Facebook wall, and I fly into a meme-making jag. Below are my fave five. 
As with all things "art": take 'em or leave 'em.

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