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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Selfies Rock My Art World

Recently I became the proud owner of an iPAD mini, a big step for me given my firm, but often paralyzing, belief that whatever technology is out there, I can buy it cheaper if only I just wait.  Essentially, this has turned out to be true, but in the waiting, I’ve missed out on using some fine techno-advancements. Well, so be it.
Back to the iPAD. Last fall I was showing it to my two-year old grand-niece. Both her parents have iPhones. Bet you know where this is going. Yep, Ms Thang, who still speaks in 2-3 word sentences, is all over the selfie-taking capabilities of Auntie Néna’s new toy—even taught me some tricks. And learned to use the simple editing functions in the iPAD after two demos. Just call her the Cropping Queen.
I have long been fascinated by selfies. Even before the term made its way into the Oxford dictionary last year, I was keeping an eye out for unique examples of self-portraits that used any photographic technology. Timers, mirrors, window reflections; I’ve been a sucker for all of them. Since getting my iPAD, I’ve learned that there are “sub-genres” of selfies such as “Went there, Saw that” and Went there, ate that” to name but two. Who knew?
Until the iPAD joined my studio, I was exclusively interested in selfies taken by others, and I basically still am. There are some fine, creative Selfographers out there, and I’ve loved their ego-art for years. For Selfie which opens February 8th, I reviewed over 1500 images asked for boatloads of permission, and have pulled together 20 examples by 15 Selfographers whose crazy-strange sense of the world, and themselves in it, put some pizazz into my imaginings.
Selfies Curated by Renée Richetts, with Selfographers B. Binkowski, B. Hambelton, V. Huckins, J. Love, A. Magana, Michayla, C. Nguyen,  B. Plummer, R. Plummer, A. Robertson, P. Richetts, R. Richetts, S. Richetts, and
K. Richetts-Nguyen will be on display at:
Richetts’ Space, 262 E. Grand Ave, Escondido CA 92025.
Hours are Tuesday,  and Thursday-Saturday (closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) 1100-4 p.m.
February 8- March 29, 2014.
Opening reception February 8th, 5:30-8p.m.

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