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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogging from Italy now, and loving it. What's not to love?
For years, well since I hit 55, I've been saying that I'd really love to be swept up in a flash mob that I did not organize myself.
Story segue:
This is a shot of the Pantheon in Rome, from the inside, obviously. We visited it to see the beautiful art work, the tomb of some famous Roman kings, check out the dome and just generally enjoy that it was amazing and only 2 blocks from where we were staying.
Ah, so very lucky us. We enter and see that a free performance-art presentation of choral singing and poetry has just begun. The acoustics are wonderful. We wiggle our way up to within one row of the front. We are beyond enchanted. So much so, that even the very rude man in the black pants who walks in front of the poetry reader whilst blabbing on his cellie does not bother us...much...Guessed yet where this is going?
The reading ends and all of a sudden, people standing all around us, in everyday street clothes, all at the same time, break into song!!!. We've been flash-mobbed! Guy on cellie is the timing director. Song is in freaking Latin!!!!!!
Yeah. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.

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