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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Walking in the Original

Ceilings and Floors, Gardens and Rooftops
I decide to go to Italy to make art. In one shot, I see literally millennia of art carved into the marble, laid out in the tiles, applied to the frescoes, and in our time “repurposed” into garden sculpture. How do you spell humbling?
When I was in grammar school, we made a temple city one year, our teacher’s very creative way of instructing us about Roman and Greek history without boring us completely to death. We built our temples out of wood dowels and white paint. 

Fast forward and I am walking in the original concept. The mosaic floors and fresco-ed ceilings are just about overwhelming. 

At night, and during the famous Richetts’ Power naps, I find myself dreaming in Italian Art.  

 I am most sincerely grateful to the  Pacific Ackworth grammar-school teachers. May, John, Alice, Luann, Margo, Chloe: you set my visual stage for a lifetime of pure joy. Thank you.
Once again, the amazing J. Plummer gets credits for all photos in today's blog. Safe travels, Jen!

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