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Friday, January 11, 2013

Behold the Mermaid Car, lounging by the calming water of Lake Hodges. She is epic, she is a must-drive, she is staying in the family!
She got her start as a humble 2002 Prism with the standard Prism's excellent Toyota engine, and standard, really boring, and easy to lose in a parking lot, paint job. Then one day, the Mermaid Goddess declared that she should be part of a community art project of the Escondido Municipal Gallery. And so it was!
My niece has been "testing driving" her for 6 months now. Soon she will belong to the niece and her awesome water-loving self will be spied by all who care to look. 
Say yes to art in all aspects of your life! 
P.S. Murphy the dog says "hi".

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