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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I heart me some Corkbots. I really do. They have become the latest "Go to your studio and make something" doodle that I engage when I feel a creative block, aka Le Blockage (said with a French accent) coming on. 
One of my good friends, Lisa Bebi, is an amazing painter. She used to paint fish whenever Le Blockage approached. Lately she has switched to rabbits. They are awesome.
I learned long ago not to succumb to Le Blockage's insidious powers by practicing techniques over and over. Before long, the results of my practice sessions become something like production work, but by then Le Blockage would have left me. Phew.
The take-away here is keep making art, no matter what. Just keep going. Le Blockage will pass, Brilliant Creativity will return. Promise.


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