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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, Happy 2013!
Last year I took a total break from blogging on Days of Books. I was doing a mini-experiment in social networking and tried out various pseudo-blog posting themes on Facebook. That was then. It was fine. Time for a return to the future, using blogging as artist book. I didn't invent it, just this year I'm embracing it.
So back to the blog-o-sphere for 2013, where I guarantee I won't be cranking out 700 words/day, but I will practice the discipline of posting a photo/day (with commentary, if you care). Today's theme from the list my niece sent me, is "Today". I laugh at the challenge! I put on my new circle knit scarf. I take a low-tech photo of me, moi, myself. Ta-da: today. Soon there will be Rose Parade, nap, black-eyed peas (for peace) and rice (for riches). Today. Have a wonderful one. TTUT

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