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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The CIRCLE of art supply life in my studio is well-manifested in this Pillowbot. The sewing thread was first-use, but everything else began as some other functional form. Kum-by-ya, baby!
A student of mine asked me once if I saw "art supplies" wherever I went. That would be a very resounding "Yes!!"  I even gave a walk-about workshop once in "Training Your Eyes to See the Supplies".
So what was my response to Dr. Frankenstein, before becoming my response?
The blue  embellishments  were disposable, albeit very strong, sterile wrap from an operating room.
The green "mouth" and legs were bag-swag from a past Comic-Con, where art supplies abound and the unwary may find themselves with a very sore back from hauling it all around.
The wild yellow eyes and orange body? Most likely  reusable, but not very strong (be warned!) grocery bags that made the cut of my most discerning eye, then lost their handles after about 5 trips to the Farmers' Market on Grand Avenue.
But let's be real, Renee, it's almost a disease worthy of reality T.V. and you know it. The only thing keeping you off the Hoarders show is that eventually, you get bored with the found supply du jour and you put what's left in the recycle bin. From whence the CIRCLE goes on, the material morphs some more, and matter becomes Other Matter. Or energy. Or both.
Enough already.

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