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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something new, it's totally true: wet hair will freeze!
Years ago, when I first started visiting Chicago in the winter and stayed at my in-laws', we were all going out to the car for a little trip to who-remembers-where. I had just done my usual naturally-curly-hair thing of hopping in the shower, washing my hair, finger combing it. Done. No blow drying needed. Just wash and go.
Well, you could have heard the collective gasp all the way to San Diego as I entered the garage, "You can't go out with wet hair!!!!! It'll freeze!!!!"
Of course, the logic was unimpeachable. Water freezes at 32F. My hair was w-e-t = it would freeze. But I must confess that somewhere deep inside, I didn't quite believe it.
Today, I'm a believer. Know what frozen hair feels like? Kinda like hair with way too much product in it.
My hair unfroze within seconds after I went back into the house. Lesson learned.
This me with my frozen hair and a low-tech candle defroster. The candle wasn't really needed, but I like the photo op.

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