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Monday, January 21, 2013

Less is really less in my crib today. The Big Clean Out of our California home is about finished. Since I'm still in our California home for another 10 days, I am enjoying the lessons of what I do with less. 
I look at the beauty around me.
This is Del Dios, after all. Without the mental distraction of physical clutter, I am actively enjoying every single view. Beauty surrounds this house in every direction.
I remember.
Even with plans to return to it, I am missing what was. All the Cousinfest Comic-Con reunions every July, all the annual Lake opening (and closing!) celebrations, all the Pancake Breakfasts at the Old Del Dios Firehouse, the dam over-flowing, the 2007 fire and the incredible community response to it. No end to the list, really. 
I let myself dream.
Of the family who will live here next, surrounded by beauty, the community of Del Dios, and the amazing healthy joy of being Here.

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